Elegant Colonial Tea Land Bogawantalawa

Bogawantalawa - Train Rides in Nuwara Eliya
Image: Cazenov+Loyd

Would you like to go to out-of-routine destinations? Then this is your place…

Surrounded by breathtakingly-beautiful landscapes, mist-capped mountains and emerald green tea estates, Bogawantalawa is a name identical to the rich traditions of pure Ceylon Tea.

Tea estates nestled in the enchanting valley of Bogawantalawa are known for producing the finest teas which have become a trusted choice of the world over many many years.

If you visit Nuwara Eliya, you can extend your visit to this magnificent place drowning in fantastic cool climates and discover the secrets behind the process of making of the finest Sri Lankan tea, with its own unique flavours and haunting aromas.

Source: Chic Locations

Not only producing the finest tea in the world, Bogawantalawa is a paradise for people who love hiking. Walking along its misty foot paths will be a treat rarely forgotten by visitors. It’s tea everywhere with narrow uneven roads and unending bends which will fascinate its visitors.

Warleigh church, a really beautiful Church built in 1879 which is beautifully-kept, Ambewela Farms, and beautiful Bambarakanda falls, can be reached from Bogawantalawa.

You should not miss to go take a look at beautiful Bogawantalawa, which is located approximately 2 hours away from our bungalows in Nuwara Eliya – our helpful team at the hotel will assist you in arranging an excursion. Check dates for availability and book your stay today.