Going Nuts in Kajugama

Cashew Nuts in Sri Lanka
Image: Sincerely Nuts

As you drive along the Colombo-Kandy road passing Nittambuwa, a few kilometres away, lays a street display: the Kajugama in Bataleeya.

From the distance you will spot the vibrant colors of the clothes of the female sellers (Kadju girls as they are fondly called). It is a traditional dress of a cloth and jacket. They will greet you with vibrant smiles, and will motion you to stop as you pass them. The people of Kadjugama depend solely on the sale of cashews (Kadju) to travelers, especially foreigners. These ladies have been selling kadju in this area for generations.

Cashew season in Sri Lanka begins in March and continues through April. The vendors in Bataleeya get their nuts from various villages of Sri Lanka.

It is said that Portuguese sailors are the ones who introduced Kadju to Sri lanka.

Cashew is something that no one can resist and used in enhancing the flavor of various dishes. Kadju curry, a delicacy in Sri Lankan cuisine, is a must in most functions held in the country which serves rice and curry. Cashews are commonly used to enhance the flavour of some of the favorite desserts like watalappam and liberally used in cake making too. It is not only tasty but is also a fruit loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Roasted kadju is the most-loved form of this much-loved snack products ranging from raw, roasted, spiced and fried nuts. Raw cashew nuts for cooking is less costly than roasted and spiced nuts.

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