Incredible Maldives – A few tips for your Maldives Visit

A few tips for your Maldives visit

The Maldives is a paradise on earth and you’ll most definitely have a wonderful time if you choose it as your next holiday destination. A bit of careful planning before you go there will ensure that you have a perfect holiday in Maldives. The underwater life is amazing and the Maldives is regarded as a diver’s paradise.

Below are some useful facts:

• Try to fly during the daytime and do not sleep through the flight because the views are incredible – especially close to the time of landing.

• You need to check in advance how your hotel arranges speed boat or sea plane transfer from the airport island to your resort island. Some hotels may charge this as an additional fee. Try not to land at night, as island transfers may not always be available after sunset and you’ll be forced to spend a night in Male.

• You can’t bring certain items such as alcohol into the Maldives as a tourist as it’s a Muslim country. You will have to make sure that you dress decently as scanty dresses are not regarded appropriate in Male. Also be aware that alcohol is not available in Male, and is served only in resorts.

• The Maldives is a collection of thousands of small islands. Each hotel or resort is an island, so you need to be quite sure about what sort of ambiance, price and activities you’re keen on before you go and you must realize that unless you book multiple islands for one trip, going from island to island exploring is not really an option.

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