Museums of Kandy

Museums in Kandy
Image: Leisure Ceylon

Sri Lanka is a country with a rich heritage. Museums are remarkable places which allow visitors to get to know all about the past of the country by viewing their exhibits. All the museums in Sri Lanka offer a splendid glimpse into the history of the country.

The Temple of the Tooth is a must visit place in Kandy and there are lesser known places right next to the Temple of the Tooth which are also worth a visit. There are a couple of museums behind the Temple of the Tooth. One is the Archaeological Museum, housed in the former King’s Palace, and the other one is the adjoining National Museum.

Both places are full of fascinating treasures from the past but the National Museum is far more captivating. There you will find Kandyan era weapons, like spears and bows, masks and ceremonial costumes, and a lot of information about the lives of the people of yesteryear. There are ancient, but still readable, ola leaf manuscripts.

Archaeological museum displays artifacts found in and around the city; it’s not a waste collection but you will like the opportunity to see inside the former royal palace.

Raja Tusker Museum which is located inside the Temple of the Tooth complex. This is most probably the only museum dedicated to an elephant. Although this strange museum is nothing more than a room, it houses many photographs of the much-loved Raja and his enormous preserved corpse. Raja Tusker’s death followed a period of national mourning.

These places may not be the most popular attractions that are visited by many, but if you like to get a sparkle of bygone times, a visit will be interesting for you.

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