A Journey Through Fascinating Railway Tunnels

Hill Country Train Rides Sri Lanka
Image: Blue Lanka Tours

Sri Lanka is the world’s tea capital, where famous Ceylon Tea grows in the central highlands. You can reach the Hill country within a few hours from Colombo but you will be fascinated to notice how different the landscape is compared to other parts of Sri Lanka. You will see beautiful mist-capped mountains, streams, waterfalls and green valleys and slopes all round.

The railway journey through the hill country is regarded as one of the most scenic train journeys in the world. It’s hard to forget the experience of taking the train through Sri Lankan hill country. Nothing compares to the feeling that cool crispy weather gives while watching endless beauty of passing hills, tea plantations and lush forests. The train route takes you from Colombo  to Peradeniya and to Nanu Oya, and you can extend the trip to Ella and Badulla.

Hill Country Railway Tunnels Sri Lanka
Source: Lakdasun

There are 43 tunnels in the Railway line from Colombo to Badulla. The longest railway tunnel in Sri Lanka which is “Singimale tunnel” lies between Hatton and Kotagala railway stations. The highest number of tunnels in Colombo Badulla railway line (fourteen) is found between ohiya and Idalgashinna railway stations. Another fascinating tunnel is the 18th tunnel situated near the highest railway station in Sri Lanka “Pattipola”. (321.95 m length) this tunnel was made in 1919.  It is prominent as there’s a gloomy weather at one end but a dry weather at the other end. Moreover at one end the weather is clear but contradictory it is misty at the other end.

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