The Grand Sorabora Wewa – It has been here for thousands of years…


Beautiful Sorabora Wewa is a massive reservoir in Mahiyangana which you can easily reach from Kandy. In ancient times, this tank was known as the ‘Sea of Bintenna’. It is believed to have been built by a giant named “BULATHA”. This magnificent place dates back to 120BC. Bulatha (the meaning of the name is betel chewer) was a giant who lived during the time of King Dutugemunu who built the original dam.

Sorabora Wewa in Sri Lanka
Source: Explore Sri Lanka

Located about half an hour’s drive from the Mahiyanganaya town, Sorabora Wewa is a popular place among holiday makers. There are stalls selling sweets and freshly brewed steaming cups of tea or Belimal. There are plenty of other stalls which sell almost everything from toys to sun hats.

Birds at Sorabora Wewa Sri Lanka
Source: Explore Sri Lanka

You will be enchanted to see an endless 1,440 acres of water stretched under the beautiful blue sky. It feeds 3,000 acres of cultivation lands. The waters are rich with fish. It offers a wonderful view when numerous birds drift, plunge and splash on the surface of silvery waters. You will be happy to spend hours in this calm and serene environment.

Birds at Sorabora Wewa in Sri Lanka
Source: Explore Sri Lanka

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