Bird Watching in Sigiriya Sanctuary

bird watching in sigiriya
Image: Sri Lankan Expeditions

Bird watching is a very soothing activity which provides an opportunity to spend time in a quiet place without any distraction. Experiencing the nature in a calm manner reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

It’s an ideal hobby even for older people who are unable travel far, as it’s not difficult to watch birds while remaining seated in a single suitable spot; even a short trip to a nearby park or nature reserve will provide a change of scenery and opportunity to spot some birds.

bird watching in sigiriya sanctuary
Source: Habarana Adventures

Spending time in nature can have some incredibly positive effects on our mental health. The different sights, vibrant colours, bird sounds can all help occupy the mind, and help provide a fantastic distraction for those living in stress.

Surrounding Sigiriya Rock Fortress is a forest reserve which is a very good bird watching destination. It is a well-protected beautiful area with waterways and thick green forests making it a heaven for birds.

Sigiriya Aerial View
Source: Cinnamon Air

You can be accompanied for a birding trip in Sigiriya Sanctuary and the time considered as ideal are the morning hours from 6 AM to 10 AM. The nearby jungles of Habarana surrounded by many lakes also are a very good habitat for birds.

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