Planning a Pleasant Hotel Stay

Hotel Amenities

The services offered at luxury hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka are second to none. That’s where you can enjoy a relaxing swim in a huge pool, go for a walk in well-maintained grounds, eat scrumptious food, have a soothing spa service, or just relax in your room.

Extensive amenities can greatly enhance your visit. These amenities are designed to give guests a widespread experience without having to leave the premises. Leading hotels are offering guests everything they could desire at their fingertips.

Yet, guests often get dissatisfied with their hotel stays due to various reasons and it ruins their vacation and makes them leave with a gloomy feeling… Below are some tips for getting the maximum out of your hotel stay.

Clear picture of what you’re getting

If it’s possible, calling your hotel directly and inquiring about amenities will reduce disappointment. Information seen on images can be misleading. Using Google maps, you can always check the hotel’s location. Recent hotel reviews will be useful in getting information. If you need specific amenities it’s a must to call the hotel directly to ask if they are available during your stay.

Informing about a special occasion in advance

If you book a hotel stay for a special occasion such as a honeymoon, anniversary or birthday, you have a good chance of getting something special if you tell the hotel before you check in. If you wait to do that till the last moment, it could be too late, so the best approach is to call the front desk well in advance and let them know about your special occasion, which gives staff time to prepare something special.

Knowing about special events

Many hotels (especially hotels in Colombo) host live entertainment throughout the year. Planning a fun-filled stay is easy when you know what’s going on during your stay. When planning your visit, be sure to check the hotel event calendar to see what kinds of events are being offered. Most hotels advertise their live entertainment shows many months in advance.

Knowing that politeness costs nothing

Would anyone be motivated to offer their best service to a rude, mean, condescending person? No? Sure, they will service you but a little kindness and respect toward employees can work wonders. Even if they can’t help you out, at least you made someone’s day a little better. Planning small things like tipping is also important. Giving a small tip to your cleaning person every night, without waiting till checking out, can make a huge difference.