The Tallest Waterfall in Sri Lanka

Image: ShaLanka

Among the lush mountains of Kalupahana falls, stands the stunning Bambarakanda Ella. Situated in the steep pine-forested slopes of Badulla District just 5m from the highway, it originates from Kuda Oya, a branch of the Walawe River.

The main access to the fall is via Haputale, from the Colombo-Bandarawela road.

Beautiful Bambarakanda Ella falls from a lavish cliff face above 240 meters to the valley floor below. It is not very easy to reach the falls but the journey is fully worth as it’s a magnificent view seeing the tall cascade of water splashes down the rugged cliff.

The best time to visit Bambarakanda Ella is between the months of March through May, as this is the period of time when there is best flow of water. June to September is the dry season in the area, and the falls get much less water. The months between November to February tend to have heavy rains, making it difficult to get close enough for viewing.

Bambarakanda also has a trail available for hikers who wish to climb to the top of the falls. The crest has a beautiful miniature waterfall and a large pool which feeds the main falls. The area is a great spot for photography and picnics. There is a natural pool complex at the base of the falls, where you can have a bath or relax around.

Bambarakanda is ranked 299th amongst the tallest waterfalls of the world.

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