Incredibly Diverse, Complex and Fascinating… Kanneliya

Kanneliya Rainforest
Image: Butterfly Conservation Society of Sri Lanka

Do you love trekking? Can you imagine how you will feel inside Kanneliya forest? You will walk through the forest, looking for animal sightings along the way. The magnificent forest boasts a diverse range of flora and fauna. You might see monkeys, snakes, chameleons, widespread birdlife and a vast range of tropical trees, plants and flowers.

Chameleon at Kanneliya Rainforest
Source: SriLankaInStyle

You can stop for a biscuit and a sip of a cool drink or warm tea from your flask while resting alongside a beautiful waterfall, and continue the walk all refreshed as you listen to your guide describe various interesting things. This is a truly special experience and a great addition to your trip’s adventurous experiences.

Kanneliya rainforest is the second largest primary forest area in Sri Lanka with two of the island’s main rivers running through it. The forest occupies the area between two rivers – the Gin Ganga and the Nilwala Ganga. This region has been identified as one of the floristically richest areas in South Asia.

Kanneliya Rainforest Rivers

Although just 35km away from the city of Galle, the scenery in the area is straight out of a story book and the opportunity to be out in nature is a fantastic experience beyond description.

Stay at the Amaya Bungalow in Kandy and visit Kanneliya on a trip to Galle. The journey would take around 5 hours but the city of Galle is a must-visit location in Sri Lanka.