Patna Fun

Patna Sri Lanka
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Deniyaya is blessed with plenty of natural beauty that you can’t forget and it’s an awesome place to enjoy scenic views. Recently more and more visitors from across the world come to enjoy amazing Deniyaya. It offers the finest sites for the travelers who visit Sri Lanka. Sinharaja forest, which is a world heritage also situated close to Deniyaya, is one of the most famous forest reserves in Sri Lanka which has a unique wilderness.

Patna is another fascinating and unusual place located close to Deniyaya town just outside of Sinharaja rainforest. This site has a natural water slide and is an ideal place to have fun with your friends and family among enchanting nature. The water is cold and refreshing. Sliding is always so much fun but sometimes when the water steam is low it’s hard to have a smooth slide. If you wish to slide you must be aware of water level first.

This place has lately become very popular and so many tourists have started to visit Patna to enjoy the beauty. Especially on holidays, the place is full of visitors.

Burusgala, as locals call this place, is situated in Patna Tea Estate and you have to use Wiharahena road to go to Patna Division. The road to Patna View Point is bit tough. You have to walk along tea bushes and climb down up to the place. But if you like to be enchanted by beautiful scenery it will be an enjoyable walk for you and you will feel the trouble is well worth.

Patna is located approximately 7 hours away from the Langdale Nuwara Eliya bungalows.