Popular for strolling, the beautiful Kandy lake

Kandy Lake Sri Lanka
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The lake looks magnificent at any time of the day or night, with flowery floating islands and a calm and serene path which runs around its entire edge. It’s a popular place to enjoy a peaceful walk.

Lake in Kandy Sri Lanka
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Close to most of the popular tourist attractions in Kandy, the Kandy Lake is certainly among the best places to visit in Kandy. An ideal place to spend hours gazing at calm water if you like to spend a lazy day during your vacation, Kandy Lake never fails to offer stunning nature views.

View of Kandy Lake Sri Lanka
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The lake is also known as the Sea of Milk. There is an island in the middle of the lake. Around the lake there is a wall called walakulu bamma (cloud wall). Various vendors roam around in this area selling everything from balloons to cashew nuts. Tourists can also see the Ulpan or Queens Bathing Pavilion.

Birds Eye View Landy Lake
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A stroll around beautiful Kandy Lake is an experience you should not miss…

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