Sri Lanka…The land of Sun, Sand and Sea…

Water Sports in Sri Lanka

How does it feel to be surrounded by water with massive coral reefs below you or to be on top of waves while sliding across the sea surface? Well, it feels simply awesome…

While you are visiting Sri Lanka for a couple weeks or for a few days, you might be searching for water sports which are famous here. There is no doubt that Sri Lanka has long been a favorite destination for many. With exciting activities and serene beaches, Sri Lanka has been attracting travelers from all over the world.

Sri Lanka gives ample chances to experience water activities. Surrounded by the magnificent blue ocean, with beautiful shorelines and splendid blue skies, the beautiful island of Sri Lanka is blessed with  different seasons in all parts of the island, creating ideal spots for number of sports in different locations.

Most of us like to splash in the water and some of us are more adventurous. If you are daring and like adventure, Sri Lanka is the place to be. It will give you ample opportunities to have fun, relaxation and adventure. Indulging in some excitingly-thrilling experiences, such as snorkeling, kite-surfing and scuba diving, will leave you truly revitalized while discovering the wonders of the tropical island Sri Lanka

Its water all around and sandy beaches to match. Sri Lanka is a place where one can enjoy numerous water sports such as surfing, Jet Ski riding, kite surfing all year around in many locations around the island. Sri Lanka being a small island moving from one location to another is a matter of a few hours.

Water Skiing

Water skiing lovers will most definitely have a marvelous time in Sri Lanka. Water skiing is a great way to enjoy the amazing beaches and the ocean. Undeniably, water skiing is for the adventure lover. There are plenty of places in Sri Lanka that offers facilities for water skiing.


Surrounded by the Indian Ocean with its coral gardens and exotic fish, Sri Lanka offers one of the best diving experiences in the world. The colorful coral gardens along southern coasts of Sri Lanka draws many visitors and the most famous area for diving is in the south – in Hikkaduwa. Dive sites like Kalpitiya, Ampara and Trincomalee in Eastern and Western coasts offer rare chances of diving such as wreck diving, skin diving and diving with dolphins.

Wind Surfing

Sri Lanka provides the perfect atmosphere, all year round, for wind surfing. Surfers love Sri Lanka for its long waves that hit against its Western and Southern shores. The Indian Ocean offers great waves along Sri Lanka’s shores for surfers that enjoy relaxing and having fun. They can grow as high as eight feet during high season and in areas such as Hikkaduwa. There are waves to be surfed any time of year in Sri Lanka.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is one of the most fun and adventurous water sporting activities in Bentota. Though it’s mostly enjoyed by the thrill seeker, beginners can do it accompanied by an experienced instructor.

Banana Tube

Shaped like a banana and attached to a ski boat by rope, this ride will guarantee so much fun and excitement with massive waves coming thrashing over your head. Being suitable for any age, this sport is available in many beaches such as Bentota.


Kitesurfing is a sport you need to try. If you are a seasoned kite surfer and travel with your gear, there are a few places to catch the wind and fly. If you are still a beginner and want to learn more while in Sri Lanka, then your best choice is Kalpitiya.


There is no shortage of rivers, lakes, waterfalls and lakes in Sri Lanka. All of these are perfectly safe for kayaking. You can have a combined time of adventure and fun by watching wildlife along the shore and exploring rainforests. The Kalu Ganga is a great option for kayakers as they can paddle downriver seeing beautiful flora and fauna.


The best place for whitewater rafting is Kithulgala. Anyone can whitewater raft with the proper safety equipment and with a professional experienced team of river guides.


Another interesting water sport that you can try in Sri Lanka is canoeing, which includes confidence jumps and stream slides. With a professional who is familiar with the area to you, when it’s safe to go while providing you with the right equipment, canoeing can be lots of fun.

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