How to have it all on a trip to Sri Lanka

Travel Guide Sri Lanka
Image by Sabine Schulte from Pixabay

In the depths of amazing culture, remarkable heritage sites and beautiful nature, you will learn that Travel in Sri Lanka is more than seeing sights. Due to its small size, a visit to Sri Lanka enables visitors to have many experiences in a limited time. The Sri Lankan climate is tropical and the sea maintains a comfortable temperature all year round, making it ideal for swimming, snorkeling or diving.

The Land of Sun, Sand and Sea

How does it feel to be surrounded by water with massive coral reefs below you or to be on top of waves while sliding across the sea surface? Well, it feels simply awesome… Sri Lanka gives ample chances to experience water activities. Surrounded by the magnificent blue ocean, beautiful shorelines and splendid blue skies, the beautiful island of Sri Lanka is blessed with different seasons in all parts of the island, creating ideal spots for number of water sports in different locations.

Sri Lanka’s Incredible National Parks

During a single day you can easily collect a bundle of unforgettable memories. The magnificent view of a majestic elephant alone would leave you with a sense of elation. It wouldn’t immediately hit you; you would gradually see elephants come to the water in groups of 5 to 20, and soon you would be able to make out more than a hundred elephants, dominating a landscape filled with water buffaloes and dozens of wetland bird species.

The Ancient City of Sigiriya

Referred by many as the Eighth Wonder of the World, the Sigiriya Rock Fortress Complex has major archaeological importance and attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is one of the most-visited tourist destinations of Sri Lanka. Sigiriya rock offers a view which astonishes visitors with its unique harmony between nature and human imagination. Sri Lanka’s most talked-about paintings are the Sigiriya maidens. When they were originally painted in the 5th century, around 500 beautiful ladies decorated the wall, in a massive mural which spanned 450 feet in length and 130 in height. Only twenty-one maidens have survived into the modern day.

Much-loved Egg Hoppers

On a trip to Sri Lanka, you will most definitely discover hoppers – a dish you will love so much that you start ordering it at every opportunity. A hopper is a thin, delicate, circular pancake cooked in a pan called hopper pan. It can be served with fish or meat curry, and sweet fried onions called Seeni Sambol, making for a delicious breakfast or dinner. Hoppers are considered a staple of Sri Lankan cuisine and can come in many forms. In almost all star class hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka, among the options of English or American breakfast buffets, it’s not uncommon to see egg hoppers smiling like sunflowers waiting for you to be picked and taste.