The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga in Sri Lanka
Image: Amuna Ayurveda Resort Sri Lanka

Yoga has many styles and forms and it can be difficult to figure out which particular style is right for you. Although most styles of yoga are based on the same basic poses, the experience of one style can be different than another.

Yoga is much more than bending or twisting the body or holding your breath. It is a technique to bring you into a calm state of mind and you will enable your energies to become well-balanced. This enables you to experience the whole universe as a part of yourself which is the union that yoga aims to create.

Lets discuss some of the body and brain benefits of Yoga…

Yoga increases your fitness

Improved flexibility is one of the most apparent benefits of yoga. Yoga practice offer multiple benefits, including a reduction in aches and pains. Many yoga poses build muscle strength as well. You can grow stronger and maintain muscle form using just the weight of your body. Yoga exercise rapidly improves cardiovascular fitness. Studies have found that yoga lowers the resting heart rate, and can improve your maximum uptake of oxygen during exercise.

Yoga is ideal for the management of chronic conditions

Yoga can help reduce risk factors for chronic diseases, such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Yoga might also help improve many other health conditions such as asthma and arthritis.

Yoga is very effective in pain relief

Yoga is proved to be very effective in relieving most kinds of chronic pain. A combination of yoga poses and meditation has been shown to reduce pain in people with arthritis, back pain and many other such conditions. People who take regular yoga classes conform less pain and better functioning and that the benefits last for several months.

Yoga triggers better Sleep

Various aspects of yoga train your attention or mindfulness, which reduces stress and helps your brain work better. Yoga can be helpful for treating sleep disorders. A combination of asana, pranayama and meditation relaxes your muscles, slows your heart rate and helps you control worry to make you ready for sleep.

Yoga improves mental and emotional health

Studies show that eight weeks of practicing yoga three times a week significantly decreases both anxiety and depression. Scientists have shown that it increases activity in the area of the brain associated with positive moods and emotional resilience. This relates to being less reactive under stress and feeling happier.

Classes that blend the spiritual side to yoga practice, not just asana, guide you to explore concepts of gratitude, empathy, and forgiveness, as well as a sense that you’re part of something bigger. Many of these concepts have been linked to our happiness and sense of well-being.

There are many classes, and even complete packages at dedicated retreats, for yoga in Sri Lanka. Include yoga into your Sri Lanka travel diary and make your holiday wholesome and spiritual.