Robarosia Season in Kandy

Robarosia Peradeniya University
Image: Kavirasa

Kandy is one of the most treasured cities of Sri Lanka, well known for its scenic beauty and rich cultural value. It is included among the world heritage sites of UNESCO. The city promises a number of tourist attractions that include the Old Royal Palace and the famous Temple of Tooth. Kandy is regarded as one of the most sacred places by Buddhists.


Kandy offers an exciting travel, food and shopping experience with souvenirs ranging from precious stones and handmade laces to stone and wooden carvings. If you visit the city in the month of August, you can get a chance to see the famous Kandy Esala Perehera, an annual ritual of the Sacred Tooth Temple. Your vacation can be an enriching if you choose this sacred and beautiful city.

When you pay a visit to the city, you have to go to the Royal Botanical Garden that boasts of wonderful tropical foliage. Robarosia season in Kandy is nothing less than magical. Beautiful trees capture the attention of locals and visitors as these magnificent followers blanket the city in soft colorful splendor.

Robarosia Season Sri Lanka
Source: Indika Aruna | Flickr

If you are lucky enough to be in Kandy during Robarosia blossom season, which usually starts around March and lasts till June or July depending on the weather, you will spot these colorful wonders everywhere in and around Kandy city.

Typical Robarosia spots include Peradeniya botanical gardens, city parks, streets, grounds around Kandy lake, along riverbanks and in the beautiful University of Peradeniya which is regarded as one of the most beautiful universities in the world.

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