Ancient Walkways of Sri Lanka

ancient walkways of sri lanka
Image: Taste of Sri Lanka

During ancient times, different kinds of road networks had spread over the island as a result of activities like pilgrimages to temples and contacts with harbours. Historical events recorded from the time of King Pandukabhaya carry information about an overland road network connecting the city of Anuradhapura to the coastal borders. With the arrival of Buddhism during the reign of Devanampiyatissa, Buddhism was spread throughout the country through the road network which has covered the whole island.

Pathway leading to Sigiriya Rock Fortress
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Construction of resting places and crossing points are significant clues. Construction of permanent stone bridges across the rivers is an archaeological evidence of a well-established road system.

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When you step in to the grand ancient cities of Sri Lanka, these magnificent walkways are still there for you to walk along imagining the life hundreds of year ago. A gentle stroll down the stone steps, arriving at the bottom, next to a pond or river with dark blue waters and with only a couple of foot bridges and stone walkways spoiling the view, you will get lost in ancient rural Sri Lanka.


The cultural triangle of Sri Lanka is located in the North Central region of the island and is home to some of the country’s greatest sites of cultural, religious and archaeological importance. Amaya Resorts & Spas have a number of hotels in Dambulla, from where you can easily visit the Sigiriya Rock Fortress and get a glimpse of the remnants of these ancient walkways for yourself.