Divine Ayurvedic Massages

Ayurveda Massage Sri Lanka
Image: Amuna Ayurveda Resort Sri Lanka

Ayurvedic massage is a major part of a lot of Ayurvedic treatments in Sri Lanka. Our bodies too need to be oiled just like machines need to be oiled, and in Ayurvedic massages medicated oils are liberally used to this effect.

Every Ayurvedic massage is deeply relaxing and immensely beneficial. Combining massage techniques with knowledge of oils provide a great balancing of the body and mind through soothing oil massages. Its calm approach means that recipients are induced into a relaxed state during the massage. A sensitive Ayurvedic massage therapist is able to read an individual’s body chart of aches and pains, fully aware that every touch evokes certain emotions and gently facilitates the ‘letting-go’ of tensions.


The nourishing application of oil on the head which is absorbed through the roots of the hair and eliminates hair loss and premature greying. This treatment also does wonders to both mind and soul by relieving tension, fatigue and relaxing muscles and nerves.


This Ayurveda facial massage is done in several steps. A face massage, scrub and face pack followed up with a herbal steam. It nourishes facial skin by eliminating its subtle tensions underneath it and reaching out to reflex points of the brain for better function.


The neck and shoulder areas are quite prone to stiffness and tension and these symptoms can be relieved with an Ayurveda massage that uses herbal oils which release rheumatic pain and other stress related issues.


The pain in arms can be caused by several reasons. An Ayurveda massage will help nurture the shoulders and arms while relieving pain and relax the muscles in the area.


Ayurvedic hand massages are helpful in get rid of extra toxins by stimulating acupuncture points and energy meridians that spread across the hands. These massages help smoothen the function of various organs and systems in the body too.


This is a massage which stimulates proper circulation in, and brings necessary nutrients to, the legs thereby preventing varicose veins. Massages on large muscles help eliminate fatigue while gentle strokes on lymph nodes help reduce swelling.


A special focus on tender spots produces a soothing and invigorating effect on internal organs. Foot massages also prevent acute pain, numbness, fatigue while ensuring overall wellness of organs.


This massage is done using herbal oils along the back and spine. A great source of stress relief, this procedure reduces pain and helps in relaxing muscles, enhancing the performance of the entire nervous system.


The full body massages are a more effective way of eliminating issues like obesity, body aches and pains while providing general rejuvenation. Ayurvedic oils used in these massages invoke a sense of well-being as muscles are allowed to relax in the process.

One must feel receptive and safe in order to allow the energy of the therapist to affect your treatment. In turn, a wave of unconditional love and compassion flows through the therapist as they respect the faith you have placed in them, an honour not taken lightly. Perhaps that’s why the Ayurvedic word for oil is sneha; a term also synonymous with love, kindness and tenderness.