Sri Lanka… The Land of Spices…

Spices of Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka, distinguished under names such as Tabrobane, Serendib and Ceylon, was famous for its high quality spices throughout history.

Visiting a spice garden is a unique experience. You get a chance to be in touch with nature and get to learn so much about plants, spices and herbs, and a guide will explain to you about each tree, their fruits, benefits, etc.

You will be able to enjoy Sri Lanka’s world-famous spices at their source. Visit a spice garden, where smells of cinnamon, pepper, cardamom and nutmeg capture your senses. You will be provided with an awareness of spice production, the traditional way.

Sri Lankan Spices
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Most visitors to Sri Lanka would not have actually seen a black pepper plant or a cinnamon bush, both which you can get to see in a spice garden. Most of these spice gardens are quiet, peaceful places to spend some time close to nature.

The best way to check out and purchase the best spices in Sri Lanka is to visit the island’s various renowned Spice Gardens. There will be a store visit at the end of the tour; if you want to buy any of their remedy oils for various ailments, curry powders etc. you may do so, but the good thing is that there is no pressure to buy anything. If you wish, you can buy spices at amazing prices.

There are plenty of spice gardens registered and licensed with the Tourist Board of Sri Lanka and most of them are located in the Kandy and Dambulla areas.

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