Highly Cherished Aromatherapy Facials

aromatherapy facials in sri lanka
Image: Your Trip Thailand

Being exceptional, and therefore highly-cherished, aromatic plants and essential oils have been used successfully for thousands of years to enhance the beauty of ladies in every continent.

Their use has been documented even among ancient civilizations. Essential Oils moulded a vital part of the traditions of most early cultures.

Aromatherapy facials make use of essential oils, such as grapefruit oil. These oils possess excellent qualities to care for facial skin, minimizing skin problems like acne, rashes and pimples. Usually, a skilled therapist will select which essential oil should be used according to your skin type. The right skill is needed because of the large variety of essential oils that are in use.

Like ordinary facials, an aromatherapy facial too starts with a facial steam. It cleans the skin pores thoroughly and removes impurities that may have accumulated. Drops of essential oils are added to the water before it’s heated to form steam, making the steam reach deep into the pores.

The facial steam is followed by the exfoliation process of applying an aroma scrub to the face. The scrub will remove all the dead cells. Although we wash our skin frequently, the dead cells on the skin require removal via exfoliation to leave the skin smooth underneath.

The massage is the most relaxing part of the whole treatment. It is done by applying to the face a mixture of massage oil and the chosen essential oil. The therapist then performs a pressure point massage of the whole face for about 15 minutes. The massage helps relax the muscles and improve blood circulation.

The treatment would not be complete without a rejuvenating mask that tones, tightens and hydrates the skin. It will be left on the face for 5-10 minutes and will be washed with water.

Many people find that exposure to essential oils is a wonderful relaxing experience, hence aromatherapy massages are so popular. Essential oils can play a dramatic role in soothing your senses and nerves and in relaxing your body and mind. Undoubtedly its one of the most important aromatherapy facial benefits.

You can try out aromatherapy facials and other similar treatments at most Sri Lankan Wellness Resorts.