An Interesting Historical Subject – Astrology in Sri Lanka


Not only in Sri Lanka, Astrology is regarded as an interesting subject in many countries of the world. Many cultures believe that there is a connection between spiritual bodies and personal destiny.

Astrology is described as a mathematical science. In Astrology, one’s previous life’s negative and positive energies are measured by considering the positions planets in the chart and their motions. It is believed that past energies gave us positive powers to born as human being. Astrology defines how our energy body affects us and what kind of positive power we collected in our re-births, which has an effect on our current life.

In Sri Lanka, there are many occasions an astrologer’s predictions are sought. After the birth of a child the parents or a family member makes a special visit to the astrologer to convey the date, place, and precise time of the birth and obtain a set of Sinhala letters. On the basis of the precise time of birth, the astrologer gives sets of letters from which one letter has to be chosen as the first letter of the child’s name. Then another visit is made to get a horoscope for the new born child.

The most important task an astrologer has to perform is the time traditional marriages ceremonies are considered. Some Sri Lankans believe according to their culture, a man and woman become partners in life, because they were destined to do so by the influence of the Buddhist concept of karma, or actions in their previous lives. This karmic information is considered to be set in a horoscope, so it is necessary to carefully examine the horoscopes of both prospective marriage partners to judge whether they match. This method is known as porondam baleema (Matching Horoscopes). The whole marriage ceremony is based on auspicious times.

At Sinhala and Tamil new year which falls in April, every ritual is performed at an auspicious time. Even the new year rituals at Amaya Lake, one of our Dambulla hotels, are carried out as per the auspicious times given to everyone.

Even the country of Sri Lanka has a horoscope.