The Incredible Golden Mountain

Narangala Mountain Sri Lanka
Image: @traveltolanka | Twitter

Once you have climbed it, you will find it difficult to say goodbye to the beautiful Narangala Mountain Peak.

Narangala is the tallest mountain in the Uva region. Although its tall, it is not too hard a trek. The magnificent view at the top of the mountain will be compensation for your efforts. On the top of the golden peak you can experience the amazing nature and magnificent views. The shade of its light golden color is the reason why its called “The Golden Peak”.

Beautiful Narangala rises up to a height of over 1,500m, providing some of the very best views of far away areas. Additionally, the reasonable challenge that climbing it offers has made it a great favorite amongst hikers.

Narangala consists of two sections (the upper section and section part). When you reach the upper section of the Narangala mountain you will be able to witness the most spectacular scenery you have ever come across in your life – Nayabadda Madolsima area, Poonagala area on one side and the Idalgashinna and Haputale plateau. The Namunukula mountain range and the Horton Plains Randenigala reserve on the other side can be viewed.

If you could reach there in the early morning you will be able to catch a glimpse of the wonderful sunrise.

Naranagala has two entrances, one on the Thangamale devalaya side and another on the Keenakele side.

The Narangala Mountain Peak is located 3-4.5 hours away from Kandy depending on the route you select. It is also a 2 hour drive from our Nuwara Eliya bungalow, The Oliphant.