Friend Outings in Sri Lanka: Why should you choose a Bungalow?


There are many things that you can do with your friends other than hanging out in the usual spots. Choosing the right place for a trip is as important as choosing the right friends to accompany you. It’s essential to think and carefully decide before you head off, to make sure that the trip runs smoothly and enjoyably. Picking the right place plays a major role in making your trip successful.

As a guest at a private property, you have freedom to set your own schedule. You don’t have to worry about what time the buffet finishes, or what time the pool closes… Doing all these things in a private setting will give you a marvelously free feeling. If you opt for a longer vacation, a bungalow will be a better choice concerning food options. Food will not be repetitive after a few days as you can make your own spread, or have your chef customize a menu according to your group’s needs.

If you select a bungalow it will be solely yours. The totally personalized stay will be a real treat for the group. One of the biggest bonuses you get by staying in a bungalow is the privacy. That aspect alone can’t be beaten by the luxury that a star-class hotel provides. When you book a stay in a bungalow, privacy is guaranteed. There will be no hostile neighbors, and no one to complain about the noise you make.

When you are in a hotel you have to adhere to certain time frames but in a bungalow you can party till dawn if you wish. Most bungalows have cozy living rooms, private kitchenettes, private pools and gardens, and most bungalows in Sri Lanka are set amidst fascinating nature settings.

Other important thing is if you are on a tight budget, the stay in a bungalow can be much less costly. Depending on the number of people in your group the cost can be divided. For a large group the rates are often more affordable than a star hotel.