Destination Weddings: Beach Weddings in Sri Lanka!

Beach Weddings - Destination Weddings Sri Lanka

It’s no secret that destination weddings are THE best kind of weddings for non-traditional, fun-loving couples.

Imagine embarking on your newly-wed life amidst a backdrop of blue seas, rocky cliffs, verdant tea plantations or the calm waters of a lake, with only your nearest and dearest around you. No fanfare or commercialised traditions. If the idea of such a unique and wholesome wedding sounds good to you, then a destination wedding could be just the way to go.

Sri Lanka is a treasure trove of ideal wedding destinations. One of the most popular wedding locations nowadays is the beach! Destination weddings in Sri Lanka are highly in demand due to the beautiful beaches and other breathtaking destinations.

Destination Weddings - Beach Weddings Sri Lanka

Pasikuda is ideal as your dream beach wedding venue, due to many reasons.

1) Less Commercial

Pasikuda, while ticking all the Tourist-Friendly boxes, is not as popular as some of the other beaches in the South and East coast. It’s not as commercialised, not having famous beach parties or clubs for locals and foreigners to frequent. The plus side of this is that you get all the privacy you want.

2) Clean Beaches

Pasikuda is located quite far from Colombo, which means it’s not a good location for a quick family trip to the beach. Since it’s not overrun with visitors on evenings and weekends, the beaches remain clean and untouched. The hotels and resorts in Pasikuda look after their respective beaches which means you get a pristine location.

3) Shallow Waters

Pasikuda has one of the longest shallow reef coastlines in the world, which means you can walk many kilometers into the sea without getting submerged, which would make for some great photo opportunities. The current is also relatively weak so it would be quite easy to capture some great pictures.

4) Catch the Sunrise and Sunset

Picture taking your vows and the sun peeking out between you two from above the horizon on its way up to or down from the sky? That can become a possibility with early morning or evening weddings on the beach. The golden hour where the sun rays make everything dazzle can be a part of your wedding photos, better than any Instagram or VSCO filter.

5) Simply Beautiful!

Above all, the Pasikuda beach is simply breathtaking! With slow, rhythmic waves swelling and crashing into the shores, white sandy beaches and blue seas stretching out seemingly forever into the horizon, the beaches in Pasikuda really do live up to their reputations as some of the most beautiful around.

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