Get Married at Amaya Hills

Sri Lankan Weddings

Amaya Hills is unique in many ways. Beautiful high position of the hotel gives you spectacular views. The entire hotel excels in presentation with all staff members exceptionally friendly and extremely helpful. Buffet spreads offer a wide range of delicious food. There are many activities for you to be engaged in and staff is always there to offer assistance.

Are you looking for a dreamy wedding with a difference? A place where you and your loved one can just sit back and indulge in nature’s beauty while the team carry out the tasks of planning a dream wedding for you to every detail , just the way you want it? Choose Amaya Hills, which has one of the most popular wedding halls in Kandy as your wedding destination and exchange vows amidst this heavenly mountain paradise.

Amaya Hills is an ideal place for a traditional Sri Lankan wedding. Many rituals and traditions which are symbolic to Sri Lankans are included in traditional weddings. Being escorted to the wedding “poruwa” by a troupe of traditional dancers, be welcomed by guests who are dressed in traditional Sri Lankan wedding attire, the bride and groom then step onto the platform with their right foot first ,to the beat of drums and they greet each other with palms held together. The groom and his family gather at the right side of the poruwa, while the bride and her family gather at the left side. The poruwa ceremony is performed while the narrator recites chants throughout the ceremony. These are a few among the grand customs performed at Sri Lankan traditional weddings.

The happy couple could either choose a Sinhala wedding or any other theme according to their wish. Whatever your wish is you can make it a wonderful reality at Amaya Hills, one of the most scenic wedding hotels in Kandy.