Aqua Yoga: Practicing Traditional Yoga in Water

Image: Aqua4Balance

Want to enhance your yoga practice with a little inspiration from nature? It will add a vast difference to the practice of yoga, if you do it in a swimming pool overlooking the limitless ocean or comforting greenery. Yoga practitioners confirm that water stimulates their yoga practice.

Yoga feels limitless outdoors…

With the world’s senior population expanding, maybe it’s time to look at alternative ways or places to practice yoga.

This can be a warm water pool or a more natural space such as the sea. Water yoga is a gentle and low impact activity, hence, more manageable for those who struggle with physical exercise. Aqua yoga follows principles of yoga, including breathing and the postures, in an aquatic environment.

The process of maintaining good posture and moving energy in our aging bodies can prove demanding at times. Like most forms of water exercise (except swimming), aqua yoga is super low impact, making it an ideal way for older people with joint pain to improve their muscle strength and  joint flexibility.

Water and its wisdom comes to us in numerous ways…

The raw power of the water rushing under you will gave you a feeling of wonder. Some simple yogasanas make us more focused giving us a sense of strength and stamina in an ever-changing life. Aqua yoga isn’t much different from a regular yoga class, except you feel more flexible in the water. One of the benefits of aqua yoga is that your body is more relaxed in the pool, which means you may be able to get a better stretch in each pose.

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