Experiences at The Oliphant

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Surrounded by enchanting mountains and beautiful tea estates, The Oliphant Bungalow is one of the most charming bungalows in Nuwara Eliya. This hotel offers guests the ambiance of the Colonial times while providing one of the best services to make your stay pleasant.

British national, Sir Anthony Oliphant was the owner of the Oliphant Bungalow. The first official tea estate was established in Ceylon by James Taylor who became officially known as the Father of Tea in Sri Lanka. However, based on the history passed down the Oliphant family for generations reveals that in 1848, Mr. Lawrence Oliphant, son of Sir Anthony Oliphant, planted 30 tea bushes on the Oliphant Estate.

Oliphant Bungalow offers guests an opportunity to share the experience of living in this striking planter’s bungalow. Being located amongst the finest tea fields in a cozy setting, it gives the opportunity to walk along the trails that wind their way through the tea bushes, or just sit back and simply enjoy the comfort of the place. The many fireplaces that decorate the rooms and hallways provide comforting warmth from the cold atmosphere.

Taking you back along the time tunnel offering a lovely stay in the past, The Oliphant Bungalow is consisting of spacious, comfortable Rooms, each with comfortable beds and fireplaces. The bathrooms are tastefully fitted out, spacious and clean. The ambience of the property brings welcoming, warm and homely feeling that you will notice the moment you step inside.

The team here is extremely hospitable and accommodating. Breakfast and dinner are exceptionally good. The food available at the Oliphant Bungalow range from the simple to most extravagant. The cuisine offered is not limited and whatever the guest wishes , will be offered.

The Bungalow, overlooking the Piduruthalagala Mountain Range is located in Shanthipura, which is the highest elevated town in the country, which makes the Oliphant Bungalow the highest elevated in Sri Lanka. As it’s surrounded by the villagers’ houses a visitor will also get to see the villagers’ lifestyle. There is also a point known within Shanthipura that provides the perfect viewing for the surrounding landscape. From the observation deck , spectacular views of Pidurutalagala Mountain, Adam’s Peak, Gregory Lake, Hakgala Mountain, Nuwara Eliya town and Kikiliyamana Mountain can be viewed.