Why Amaya Signature is Perfect for a Family Vacation

What Makes Amaya Signature Special

There are two kinds of family vacations. One is where you gather all of your family for an adventure and do a lot of activities throughout the day until you’re tired to the bone. But you’re still happy, because you’re with the people you love the most in the world.

The second kind of vacation is where you go simply to laze around and relax. Amaya Signature is perfect for this second kind. It is one of the best Dambulla boutique hotels in Sri Lanka. Not only is Amaya Signature surrounded by nature, but it is also equipped with modern day luxury which will ensure that you will have the most relaxing holiday ever. The staff at the resort are always ready to welcome you and tend to your needs with a smile.

Overlooking the Kandalama Lake, Amaya Signature has a rustic theme and prides itself as an eco-friendly hotel. The rooms, which are all suites, have a comfortable sitting area, a plush bed, a spacious bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub as well as numerous other amenities. The rooms are all separate chalets in the midst of nature which gives you the privacy you need.

The massive grounds at the resort allow your children to run around and play run and catchers or even hide and seek amid the trees. There’s a cricket pitch as well, which both children and adults can use to have a friendly little match. In the evenings, taking a walk along the shores of the lake will be very relaxing.

The swimming pool at Amaya Signature is quite nice and relaxing. To one side of it, there’s the bar and the restaurant while the other side is green with trees. It’s perfect for you and your family to take a dip and enjoy yourselves.

The resort also offers perfect scenery for taking photos. Be it by the lake, the grounds or even by the pool, you will get the perfect picture for your memories.