Wildlife at Amaya Lake

Spotted Munia at Kumana National Park

Sri Lanka is a country that is known for its natural resources and wildlife. There are many animals here that are endemic to the country. Dambulla is one place that is bursting with wildlife. If you are planning to spend a vacation at a place that you can be close to nature, Dambulla is highly recommended. Many Dambulla resorts in Sri Lanka work towards preserving wildlife. Amaya Lake is one such resort in Sri Lanka.

Amaya Lake in Dambulla is an eco-friendly hotel that resides by the Kandalama Lake. The grounds at Amaya Lake are massive and if ou spend a holiday there, you will definitely run into some kind of a wild animal. Ranging from birds to monitors to elephants who come to the Kandalama Lake, Amaya Lake is a sanctuary for the wildlife.

The atmosphere is calm and quiet in this resort which help to not disturb the animals that has found a home in the premises. Many guests have seen grizzled giant squirrels and various kinds of birds. The resort even offers bird watching sessions for guests who are interested.

Not only the animals, but Amaya Lake has a wide range of trees and shrubs. The trees cover most of the massive grounds at Amaya Lake and to make it easier for guests to identify and learn more about them, the staff has put name tags in the bottom of the trees as well.

For a vacation that you can enjoy the nature on, Amaya Lake is the best place to visit.