A Very Merry Christmas at Hills!

As with every year, 2019 also marked yet another amazing Christmas celebration at Amaya Hills! Amaya Hills, as one of the best hotels in Kandy, successfully organized and carried out the Christmas Eve celebrations with a special Christmas dinner as well as other entertaining events.

The property was decorated with lights and Christmas decor made by our very own engineering staff. The guests were amazed by the beauty, specially as the sun went down and all the lighting could be seen clearly.

The Rasawasala Restaurant was turned into a Christmas-y venue with guests filling in to enjoy the night to the maximum. The special international buffet was an instant hit as it was filled with many Christmas foods and desserts. The ginger bread house grabbed everyone’s attention with how well crafted it was.

The Santa made a special appearance to the delight of all the children as well as the adults. The children were captivated by the Santa and soon they were all dancing happily.

Amaya Hills staff sang Christmas Carols that left the guests mesmerized. Then came the raffle draw gift giveaways. The winners all had a big smile on their faces as they went back to their loved ones with gifts. Special musical guest 5-zets kept the guests entertained throughout the night. The night ended with everyone raising a glass of champagne to celebrate the dawn of Christmas