Why You Need to Try Out an Eco-friendly Hotel

What Makes Amaya Signature Special

When you book a hotel, you always look for a luxurious, four or five star hotel to spend your holiday in. Have you ever considered going to a resort that is not only filled with luxury, but is also eco-friendly? It’s the kind of experience that will be unforgettable and will leave you ranting to your friends for a long time.

In an eco-friendly hotel, you will not only experience the luxuries it has to offer, but will also be able to be close with nature. Surrounded with trees and animals, you will feel as relaxed as you can be. This will be a great way to escape from the busy city life filled with skyscraper after skyscraper and let yourself get lost in the serenity that is nature.

You will come across the occasional insect or a creature you’ve never even seen before. You will hear the rustling of the trees and feels the breeze on your skin as you walk along the grounds.

You will also be able to experience what life will be like without plastic and it may surprise you to see that it’s actually possible and quite easy to use bio degradable material in your day-to-day life as well.

Amaya Lake is one such eco-friendly hotel in Dambulla, Sri Lanka. You will find cabin type rooms nestled among trees. You can either walk around the grounds on the pathway to get to your rooms or a buggy ride will also do. Although, if you love enjoying nature, a walk is highly recommended. The huge grounds will allow your kids to run around freely and play to their hearts’ content. Not only children, even adults will find their inner child again once they set foot on the grounds. If you venture towards the lake, you can dip your feet into the cold water. And you’ll also get to see buffaloes as well. After a day of being out and about on the grounds, going to our panchakarma spa for a massage would be the ideal ending to your day.