Kandy Through a Camera

Photography is a passion not everyone holds. However, if you do have this passion to capture moments through a lens, then visiting Kandy is a must. If you like photographing beautiful locations, historic places and breathtaking landscapes, then Kandy is the city for you.

You can book your stay at one of the beautiful holiday bungalows in Kandy, so that you don’t have to worry about carrying your bags all over town. It will simply be you and your camera, going on an adventure together.

You can start off by visiting the Temple of Tooth Relic. It can be a little crowded with so many people constantly coming to worship the tooth relic, but it is a definitely worth it. The inside is breathtaking in its architecture. The cultural and religious value makes this place even more photo-worthy.

Embekka Devalaya is another place with breathtaking architecture. Almost all of the structure is wooden with intricate and complex wood carvings that will leave you wondering how they even came to life. The wooden pillars as well as the roof is all covered in carvings, such as entwined swans, double headed eagles, soldiers, female dances, and wrestles. You will be taking a hundred photographs to capture all of the beauty that is Embekka Devalaya.

Horton Plains National Park is a must visit site if you are near Kandy. It is also known as World’s End and the views will certainly leave you mesmerized. There are so many beautiful scenes for you to capture with your camera. On the trek, you will be met with many plants, trees, flowers and even animals, some endemic to the country. Not to mention the gorgeous Baker’s Fall! You certainly would want to photograph all that beauty.

With hundreds of species of flowers and birds, Peradeniya Gardens is considered a stunning location to come, sit back and relax. It is popular among couples for its romantic atmosphere. You can simply get lost in nature when you’re in the park and you will most certainly end up taking so many photos that your arms will start hurting by the end.