An Enchanting Night by The Lake

A spellbinding picture of a beautiful lake is there, right before your eyes. You will love the feeling of stillness as the moonlight pours over dark waters causing occasional shadows. You will want to embrace more of the wonderful nature, letting the beauty of the lake and the surroundings overcome you.

The beautifully landscaped and manicured grounds of Amaya Lake are a perfect spot for you to have a stroll in a moonlit night and for your kids to play and have an adventure. The comfortable modern interior of your room, with a touch of traditional charm will please both the adults and kids, granting a comfortable sleep at the end of a tiring day. The bedrooms are extremely cozy and comfortably outfitted, making it a wonderful place for you to retire after a late night stroll.

Night sky over Kandalama lake is always full of stars. It will be a treat for your eyes and a relaxation for your mind to gaze up through the silence and enjoy a romantic moment with a sky full of glittering jewels. The shadow of a faraway boat will create your own pictures in your mind.

Listen to the water flow softly in the lake and the cool night breeze whistling. This is the kind of music we have in our hearts stored for a day like this. Imagine spending your honeymoon in a heavenly place like Amaya Lake, enjoying together a gorgeous sunset over the lake.

Amaya Lake is an ideal vacation location for experiencing an extraordinary night, and is just the right size to spread out, yet stay connected with your party.

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