Places to Visit in Nuwara Eliya

Bogawantalawa - Train Rides in Nuwara Eliya

Fondly known as the ‘Little England’ in Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya is one of the most loved destinations to travel to. The chilly weather and the endless fields of tea makes you feel as if you’re in whole different world. It is perfect for family vacations as there are many places you can visit while lodging in one of the bungalows in Nuwara Eliya. Here are some of the places that you can visit:

Horton Plains National Park

The best time to go on this hike is early in the morning. It can be a bit cold so make sure to take an extra layer or two in case you will need it. As the sun comes up though, it will start getting warm. The hike is not for the weak hearted as the path is very rocky. Make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes when you go on this hike. During the hike, you will get to see many wild animals such as deer and waterfalls such as the Baker’s Fall. You will that the whole hike is worth it once you come face to face with the mesmerizing beauty of the waterfalls. Experience nature firsthand with this hike. Be a responsible tourist and do not litter in the premises. And keep in mind that everyone wants to take photos, therefore don’t block the whole view with selfie-taking.

Lovers Leap Fall

This 30m high fall is breathtaking with its views and crystal-clear water. The area is silent mostly, giving you a chance to enjoy a moment of solitude lost in nature. The legend has it that this waterfall was named as such because of an old tale that involved a prince who got lost during a hunt and was saved by a beautiful maiden. The tale goes on to say that they fell in love with the maiden yet were unable to be together as the prince’s family was against it. The two lovers, wanting to immortalize their pure love, leaped to their deaths from the falls, hence giving the waterfall the name ‘Lovers Leap’.

Gregory Lake

The Gregory Lake, constructed in 1873 during the era of the British Governor Sir William Gregory, is a famous tourist attraction among Nuwara Eliya visitors. The surrounding area of the lake has been turned into a park filled with beautiful greenery and flowers. It is a great place to go with your family and relax, take beautiful pictures and make many memories. If you get a little hungry, then not to worry, as there are many food carts around!

Pedro Tea Estate

If you are a tea lover, then Pedro Tea Estate is a must visit for you! Surrounded by a beautiful landscape of tea plants and endless blue skies, this estate is breathtaking in its beauty. The Pedro tea factory offers you the chance to get a firsthand experience as to how tea is manufactured, graded and packed before being distributed around the island. That is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss.

Victoria Park

Named after Queen Victoria, the Victoria Park in Nuwara Eliya is a haven of rare and beautiful flowers. It has a kiddies play area as well, so that the adults can enjoy the scenery while the kids have their fun. The park is filled with many plants and trees and it is also famous for bird-watching. You can even spot some endemic birds during your visit! It is certainly a must visit place, if you are a nature lover.