Beauty of Lake Kandalama

Sri Lanka is a beautiful small Island known for its 2000 years old history, rich culture, and endless natural beauty. The smiling, down to earth people, magnificent beaches, worlds best tea, wildlife, enchanting mountains and mystic temples: this is what Sri Lanka is made up of.

There is something special about the lakes in Sri Lanka. These beautiful places are surrounded with an amazing natural beauty and lush greenery. Any trip to Dambulla would not be completed without a tour to see the mesmerizing skyline from the water’s edge of beautiful Kandalama Lake.

Regarded as one of the most beautiful lakes in Sri Lanka, Kandalama Lake is a haven of natural sensations and panoramic views. The lake is known for its splendid sunset views and surrounded by a few beautiful hotels. Luxury hotels in Sigiriya always take pride in having the view of the Kandalama Lake as it is one of the most famous tourist attractions. You can visit this place on your trip to Dambulla and enjoy your time with your friends and family going on a picnic, a boat ride or go on a stroll around the lake breathing in fresh air and observing the life of rural Sri Lankans. You will find that the place offers plenty of outdoor activities.

Many species of animals and plants can be seen in the lake and it’s a heaven for bird-watching especially during the months of November-February. This period is actually the ideal time to visit the lake to witness the beauty of the migrant birds.

Due to the beautiful surroundings of the lake containing lush green foliage and charming views, the place is a prominent tourist attraction in Sri Lanka.