Some Unique Things to Do in Kandy

View of Kandy Lake Sri Lanka

The beautiful cities you visit, offer many unique attractions that a traveler can possibly explore, yet most travelers usually get stuck in well visited, crowded places. Its good to visit those popular sites, but why don’t you visit one or two less typical places where you can have different experiences and return home with splendid memories of your trip?

Kandy, the second-largest city of Sri Lanka, is surrounded by mountain ranges and tea plantations. Kandy emits its own kind of charm. It’s only 3 hours away from Colombo, hence, a favorite destination for travelers wanting to spend a day or two visiting its charming landscapes and religious sites. Many Kandy best hotels are situated nearby to the city and all the attractions. While most travel guides mention number of popular attractions, there are more remarkable sights to see outside the city in suburban areas.

Kandy is popular for brassware. If you are interested in seeing how these beautiful pieces are made, the brassware village is worth visiting. At the same trip you can cover Gadaladeniya Temple, Ammbakke Devalaya and Lankathilaka Temple located in the same area. The people of these small villages are very nice and talented in their craftsmanship. You can see them making oil lamps, statues and many other objects. You are not obliged to buy anything, but these items are great souvenirs to take home.

Beautiful Alagalla Mountain range that you pass before reaching Kandy, is a paradise for adventure lovers. With an altitude of 3,600 feet from the sea level, it’s marvelous for hiking. Due to its height, the mountain provides magnificent scenic views which are simply enchanting. The hiking trail starts from the bottom of the mountain through a tea plantation and stretches along through moss topped forests and thick shrubs. Dense greenery and numerous flora will be a treat to your eyes throughout the trail. This can be a nice day trip as you can return to your hotel in the evening. But some travelers prefer to camp overnight mainly to observe beautiful sunset and sunrise.

Finally, the streets in charming villages surrounding Kandy are filled with old houses, street food vendors and souvenir sellers. You can visit those villages and wander around old streets, enjoying fresh fruit or some local treats from small village shops. Don’t forget to look up to see the beauty of the historical buildings!