Striking Colonial Buildings in Nuwara Eliya

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The enchantingly beautiful city of Nuwara Eliya which is called ‘Little England’ lies amongst mist capped mountains, magnificent flower gardens and green valleys. There was a time when the town was made completely of colonial era constructions but is now being filled by modern architecture. Still, it hasn’t lost its allure of old age charm, mainly due to remaining beautifully maintained old buildings. Nuwara Eliya is regarded as an unusual destination in Sri Lanka, for its British atmosphere. These amazing works of architecture will be a delight for every traveler who visits Nuwara Eliya.

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Most Significant attraction among old colonial buildings is the Post Office of Nuwara Eliya. The post office is housed within a beautiful manor, with bright orange roofs and red bricked walls. Constructed in 1894 this century-old post office is one of the oldest buildings in the town.

Among the bungalows in Nuwara Eliya, Queen’s Cottage or commonly known as the President’s House, is a specially breathtaking country house. It is the vacationing retreat of the President of Sri Lanka. Located within the city limits along the Queen Elizabeth Drive, this beautiful building is a protected monument of Sri Lanka.
Prime Minister’s Cottage is another colonial house in Nuwara Eliya which is the holiday residence of the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. Located within the limits of the Nuwara Eliya city along the Queen Elizabeth Drive, it is in close proximity to the Queen’s Cottage and an archaeological protected monument.

A very old church having a historical background dating back to year 1838, St Xavier’s Church is one of the oldest churches in Nuwara Eliya. This is not a restricted place therefore no dress code is required but all travelers are expected to dress properly. This church gives a nice European feel especially in its cool environment and impressive architecture.

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Holy Trinity church building is another small but beautifully constructed church with rich history and serene beauty. It is one of the iconic churches in the county and was built in 1895. By a short walk from the main street in Nuwara Eliya you can reach this place. Here you can find the largest pipe organ in South Asia which is still working. Queen Elizabeth is said to have visited this church years ago.

Sri Lanka has many attractions and sensations to offer, from amazing landscapes to charming cities with long and deep historical backgrounds. There are endless options to pick from when planning your next trip. So, if you’re looking for a great and beautiful spot with lots of history, you should definitely consider visiting some wonders Nuwara Eliya has to offer.