The Duality of Amaya Bungalow


When going on a holiday, be it with family or with friends, a lot of people prefer to stay at a bungalow rather than a hotel. In most places, you have to rent out the whole bungalow and sometimes, it can be a little too expensive. At Amaya Bungalow, you can book individual rooms out of the eight we have. That way, you won’t have to rent out the whole bungalow, and can only get the amount of rooms you need. However, if you want, you can buy all the eight rooms and the whole bungalow will be yours. You can go one of either way.

A bungalow is perfect for privacy when you are on holiday. Amaya Bungalow offers the chance for you to isolate yourself from the outside world and bask in the serenity of nature. You can choose to stay in your own room or wonder out into the garden. But also, if you want some company, Amaya Bungalow offers the chance for that as well. The rooms may be separate, but the bungalow has a common living area. This living area is the perfect place to socialize and get to know the other guests. If you are not the most sociable person, this is good for you as you won’t be overwhelmed by too many people.

Holiday bungalows in Kandy with swimming pool is rare to find. But Amaya Bungalow has one of its own for the guests. You can even choose to have evening tea there or maybe sip on a cocktail. Most families enjoy spending time by the pool, and the advantage here is you have more privacy than at a public area or even a hotel.

Amaya Bungalow has the a la carte option for meals. You can request for any food you want, and the staff will be happy to make it for you, if available. However, if you are feeling like you want to eat from a buffet, the Rasawasala restaurant is open for you just a short walk away at Amaya Hills.

Amaya Bungalow and its duality keeps guests entertained and left wanting more.