Enhancing Your Immunity System Through Ayurveda

Paying attention to strengthening your immunity will be beneficial in multiple ways, such as, help you stay healthy & keep ailments at bay. When it comes to immunity, Ayurveda can give you some of the best options to maintain good health. Some lifestyle changes, right food plans and some Ayurvedic treatments can do wonders.

With its origin, 5000 or more years ago in India, the ancient medicine Ayurveda has been immensely helping people all over the world with its amazing principles to overcome numerous illnesses. If you are thinking of boosting your immune system in a natural way, then Ayurveda is the right track for you.

In Ayurveda, the immune system is regarded as an energy called ‘Ojas’. When it’s strengthened, any infection will find it hard to keep its grip. If we neglect to change our diet and routine, even during critical periods, and neglect appropriate health guidelines, our system becomes more toxic and becomes ready for the growth of diseases.

According to Ayurveda, signs of sickness start to show when this energy in the body is decreased. When the ‘Ojas’ level is low, people are vulnerable to various infections. This theory of Ayurveda explains that if the body is piled up with toxins and lacks ‘Ojas’ (vigour), then the body serves as a fertile place for infections to spread.

There are a whole lot of holistic Ayurvedic life style changes and treatments available that can cleanse the toxins and provide the balance, safeguarding the body against infections.

Panchakarma therapy is probably the quickest and most effective way to remove toxins. It consists of variety of Ayurveda massages to help the body expel the toxins gathered. The steam baths too open up the various channels of the body, helping to move the toxins, giving your body the most thorough detox.

It is important to highlight that unhealthy food, especially those containing refined sugar, fat and too much artificial ingredients, reduce the ability of the cells to cope with viral infections. Sticking to a healthy meal plan is the best way to keep our immune system working as it should be. The natural vegetarian food which is included in the Ayurveda cuisine, contain a rich amount of antioxidants and fiber, that have cleansing effect on the intestines.

Most spices like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, fenugreek, which are liberally used in the preparation of Sri Lankan dishes are very powerful immune stimulating agents. They facilitate the digestion process without causing irritation and they cleanse the organism from all harmful substances. The green leafy vegetables are also recommended and when combined with immune stimulating spices, they become a powerful immune stimulant. When we avoid frozen food or food containing preservatives and artificial flavor enhancers, we increase our vital energy or ‘Ojas’. Ayurveda doesn’t recommend meat. Ayurveda also believes that processed foods increase the negative energy and it’s better to avoid sugar in any form.

The good function of the stomach is one of the signs of a stable immune system. When our digestion system works properly, we are immune to diseases. According to Ayurveda not only the food that we eat is important, but also the way we eat. It is desirable to eat slowly, to chew the food well, so that we can maximize the process of digestion as well the absorption of the nutrients.

Another burden on the immune system is our hyperactivity. For good immunity, Ayurveda recommends being physically active but reducing the stress in our daily lives, giving our minds and bodies a chance to “breathe” freely. The best way to do this is with yoga practices, meditation, breathing techniques or most easily, taking a relaxing walk or engaging in a relaxing hobby like gardening. Even a simple relaxing daily massage with warm herbal oils will not only increase the beauty of your skin, but also will calm your mind. It will make us healthier inside as well as outside.

Ayurveda believes that the negative emotions also can be a reason for ‘Ojas’ decreasing. Entertaining negative feelings such as hatred, anger, worry, guilt and envy is, in fact, like taking poison, as weakening of the immunity can be caused by various negative emotions. More than anything, we must learn to relax, re-think our values and determine what our priorities should be, to be happy and healthy.

Sri Lanka is popular for its Ayurveda treatments and healthy living style. To get away from the daily stresses and give your mind and body a chance to revitalize, Ayurveda holidays in Sri Lanka are highly recommended. The beauty and the serenity of the island will also add to helping you relax and get away from things that are harmful for you.