A traveller’s guide to Pasikudah

As the warm golden pearls of sand touch your feet and the waves cascade across the shores, sipping one of our famous Aqua Coolers an astounding reality dawns on you…That Pasikudah is much more than just sun and beaches. It’s a town alive and filled with culture that has evolved, yet stayed true to its roots. It is safe to say that the eastern coast has grown to become the epitome of Sri Lanka’s premium beaches, untouched and transcending the spheres of time.

The 6-hour scenic drive from the airport is one in which you collect snippets of the simple yet fulfilling life that Sri Lankans live. Switching from ever-vibrant towns that are filled with welcoming smiles, to scenic views encapsulating how truly beautiful creation is, in its raw form. This is not just a drive but a journey through time itself.

On arrival amidst the tropical sun shining down on you, there’s a constant reassurance by nature of the balance that life needs to have, as the wind blows through the town. Check-in to Amaya, they have truly managed to incorporate the luxuries of the modern world while engulfing the rich heritage of Sri Lanka.

Waking up to a gastronomical journey with Amaya Beach Pasikudah’s breakfast buffet got us ready for the glass-floor boat ride that the hotel had organized for us. Bouncing through the waves, we entered a different world. A world where freedom reigned and colours seem to be alive. We experience the enchanted world of the Indian Oceans. As the fish swam through the corals we realised that we had found a home away from home.

On arrival back at the hotel, we dove into a feast of a lunch buffet, combining the flavours of the world whilst also having a mouth-watering array of local food like Sri Lanka’s famous Crab Curry.

As the day progressed into the evening, we prepared ourselves for an exciting set of events. We were taken on a banana boat ride and while racing through the open seas my inner child was awakened. The stress of life seemed to be left behind as we flew across the ocean on one of the hotel’s Jet Skis.

Kicking back on the beach, watching the fishnets being drawn in, a realisation dawned, that life here in Pasikudah seemed to be out of a novel that constantly reminds me of the balance one should have. The beaches, the food and most importantly the people didn’t carry the weight of the world here. Staff at Amaya echoed the smiles of their nation proudly, proving to me that this success we pursue in the city, is all a façade. True success is when you find balance and peace, both of which this beautiful city revealed to me within just a day.

It was truly fulfilling.