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Service Culture

Deeply grounded in our Vision and Mission statement, our Service Culture depicts the core values that we hold dear. It is essentially a set of beliefs that sets a benchmark in what we believe and how we do business with our colleagues, our business partners and our suppliers. Since inception, we have remained constant in these values, which guides the actions of everyone in the organization.

Who We Are
We are Sri Lanka’s leading organization that specializes in the hospitality industry. Our objective is to offer travellers experiences that are native to Sri Lanka, encompassing the rich culture of the island, its exciting opportunities and its exceptional hospitality. We hope to be recognized as a company that does not compromise on service standards, on business relationships or on our products and services, but as a company that upholds exceptional levels of personalized service with a unstinting effort to manage the finest hotels in Sri Lanka.

What We Believe
Our greatest asset is our people. In a culture that is deeply embedded with hospitality values and teamwork, it is they – our people – who have been the driving force in our journey. It is the result of their tireless effort to upkeep impeccable service standard has made us come this far, and has helped us shape who we are today.

How We Succeed
Our commitment to please our guests is a part of the work ethic that we practice, and it is this consistent work ethic that continues to keep us at the top. This, along with valuing the efforts of our dedicated team members ensures us the success we aim for, proven time and again by the number of accreditations we have received over the years. As a company that holds values such as teamwork, commitment and dedication paramount to growth, we support individual success and in many instances, consider multiple opinions before a business decision.

How We Behave
Our behavior is a reflection of what we believe. It is the perfect demonstration of our service culture, of values that is deeply grounded in each of us. Since inception, we have built upon this foundation of beliefs that has helped us define who we are, how we behave and how we interact with each other. We hold values such as respect, dignity, trust and simple manners with the highest regard – stemming to all our interactions with our guests, business associates and colleagues.