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Family Travel

Spending time with your family is always something to look forward to, whether you are travelling with your children, teenagers or grandparents. It is this reason that we have made it our mission to ensure that every moment you spend with your family is filled with enjoyment. For moments that are always precious and close at heart, choose from our list of family-friendly resorts that offer new experiences to explore and new discoveries to make.



Amaya Hills

An inspiring setting for families, Amaya Hills invites you to discover the intrigue of a tropical island with your loved ones. Perched upon a charming hilltop, this remarkable resort offers families a number of accommodation options, along with babysitting services and other age-specific amenities.


Amaya Lake

Enjoy a getaway that offers something for everybody in the family. Turn to our attentive staff for ideas on fun-filled family activities, or let us arrange an outing for your entire family to a nearby attraction. Explore spectacular island wonders that each of you will find enriching and memorable, paired with the gracious service of our staff.


Bungalow by Amaya

Nestled within the heart and soul of the kingdom of Kandy, is a luxuriously private escape with an atmosphere that is both serene and enchantingly quiet. Offering glorious views of misty mountain peaks in the distance, The Bungalow by Amaya is a true hideout in the hills.


Amaya Beach

Located in one of the popular beaches in Sri Lanka, Amaya Beach presents you an unparalleled experience in a stunning location. Ideal for the adventurous traveller, the boutique hotel is located right in front of a lively beach, known for snorkelling, diving, swimming and surfing.