Four Star


Awaken your inner spirit and relax in the restorative power of Ayurveda. As you enter our spas, feel yourself instantly enveloped by the warm, soothing hands of herbal remedies, a space that purifies your soul, mind and body. As a holistic experience where you are the only focus, each treatment is designed to restore your body's optimal balance and attain physical harmony. Experience this sensational rejuvenation - an enchantment of herbal practices - and discover a renewed sense of balance.



Amaya Beach

Blending island isolation with exhilarating opportunities, Amaya Beach offers guests the chance to enjoy a host of activities such as diving, surfing or a night out at the resort's exclusive nightclub.


Amaya Hills

Enjoy a thrilling day of games at one of the finest hotels in Kandy and experience moments of fun-filled activity by playing a game of table tennis or indulging in a luxurious swim at the resort's stunning swimming pool.


Amaya Lake

Bask in the warm embrace of this cherished hotel, abound with year-round sunshine, full-time recreation staff and exciting opportunities including badminton, volleyball and tennis.


Hunas Falls by Amaya

Take a break from your daily-stresses and enjoy a range of thrilling opportunities that await you at Hunas Falls by Amaya from billiards, table tennis and board games to a round of golf at the beautifully maintained onsite golf course.


Bungalow by Amaya

Nestled within the heart and soul of the kingdom of Kandy, is a luxuriously private escape with an atmosphere that is both serene and enchantingly quiet. Offering glorious views of misty mountain peaks in the distance, The Bungalow by Amaya is a true hideout in the hills.