Visit Dumbara Bar at Amaya Hills, to sample refreshing cocktails and finest spirits!

This iconic Kandy hotel bar is gorgeously adorned in black and white geometrical decor and a delightful Dutch colonial aura pervades its air. An extensive selection of canapés, cocktails and snacks are offered here and adventurous travellers will be challenged to try out a drink made from the strong local coconut liquor- arrack! Relax and unwind as the sun goes down and casual conversations and laughter ensue.

Opening Hours

  • Opening time10:00 a.m.
  • Closing time Midnight

Special comments:

Our favourite cocktail bar, pizza & burger promotion


Canapés, cocktails and a-la-carte menu for snacks

Quick References

  • LocationHills Bar
  • Seating TypeIndoor setting for 25
  • AttireCasual resort attire and footwear required