The celebrated spa of Hanthana Boutique Villa by Amaya offers all who step in, sublime tranquillity and superior bliss. It’s a popular luxury spa in Sri Lanka, that effortlessly creates magic within its exclusive boundaries, with the sophisticated range of luxurious, modern facilities.

Flower Jacuzzi Bath

Rejuvenate in a Jacuzzi filled with fragrant roses and experience relaxation, tranquillity and utmost spiritual relief.

  • 30 minutesLKR 4,500

Escape into a paradise of serenity and revitalize your mind, reduce stress and boost your immune system with an indulgent steam bath.

  • 30 minutesLKR 3,500

A session at the sauna will offer you a sense of deep relaxation and have you looking refreshed and revitalized in just 30 minutes.

  • 30 minutesLKR 3,500