Come and enjoy a truly magnificent holiday in the hills! There are many places to see in Kandy, experience and unravel unique traditions. Explore the city’s mighty hills, visit its great attractions and by doing so, create truly marvellous memories of a well spent holiday!



The centralized location of Hanthana Boutique Villa by Amaya allows you the ease of travelling around the city to visit its many attractions. So step out of your luxurious abode and get to know this splendid city during your stay.



The magnificent Hill Country of Sri Lanka possesses truly breath-taking sights. Waterfalls and beautiful mountains adorn its territories and the cool climate of the hills makes trekking a wonderfully gratifying experience.


Walk along the pathways

Follow an enchanting pathway as it weaves its way across the emerald splendour of lush green tea estates. These estates look absolutely magical as they spread across acres of mountains and you will find it impossible to resist its lure!



If you possess the passion to capture stunning images, then the city of Kandy will keep you busy throughout your stay. Take your time to explore its glorious attractions and breath-taking sights that look picture perfect in each shot.


Bird watching

Admire the beauty of the birds of Sri Lanka during your stay. The mountains of the city are covered in trees that provide dwellings for countless birds, so you will enjoy ample opportunities to be awed by their magnificence.