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The Villas

The Villas in Wadduwa is a perfect juxtapositioning of classical Sinhalese architecture styled as “Walauwa” ( Manor House that has a large house in a large property) with chic contemporary decor. A notable feature of many of these “Walauwas”, was an interior open space or a garden known as the “medha midula” in the middle of the house. Back in the day, the owners were the landed elites of Ceylon ( Sri Lanka’s name pre-independence in 1948) with power, stature in society and considerable wealth.

About The Villas


Escape to the exotic South Western Coast of Sri Lanka with 32 Exotic Villas.


When in Sri Lanka, do what the Lankans do. Sit back with a cup of pure Ceylon tea or take out your camera to capture the
tropical delights that will surround you. Choose from an √° la carte menu for all your comfort food and for exotic Sri Lankan cuisine we have a great team of Sri Lankan chefs and a team of hospitality specialists to guide you through Sri Lankan spices, traditions and a history that spans over 2,500 years.


Detox, de-stress with tropical goodness and natural remedies.


Sri Lanka’s West Coast
Lined by a string of fine beaches, along with tourist amenities of every conceivable standard and style, Sri Lanka’s Southern West coast shows the island at its most developed, its most westernized, and its most tourist-oriented.
– Lonely Planet –

Overview of Architecture

The crowning glory of “Walauwa” architectural period was the intricately designed furniture. This style of furniture reflected Sinhalese cultural elements; an art by itself with a
heavy influence of Indo-Portuguese and Indo-Dutch styles.
A remarkable level of craftsmanship and skills have been passed down since then from generation to generation but today this art is practiced only amongst families of such craftsmen in a few regions.

Overview of Destination

As per the folklore, Wadduwa got its name from the reference that was made to where the doctors live; “Wedha” meaning Ayurveda doctor and “Duwa” the region. So true to the name, Wadduwa once upon a time was
inundate with Ayurveda doctors. Be sure to immerse yourself in the nature’s way of achieving a balance of life energies within us through Ayurvedic practices. Take in a slice of life from Waddua by visiting the temple up the road or visit a quaint church with your family or get a first hand experience of pulling in a giant fishing net with local fisher folk or on certain days you could even taste some “Toddy” –
alcoholic Coconut sap in its raw form.

How To Get Here

Located on the South Western coast of Sri Lanka, The Villas Wadduwa is 35km south of Colombo City and 68 km
from Bandaranaike International Airport.
Temperature in Wadduwa ranges from mid twenties to mid thirty degrees Celsius all year around.
Cotton based clothing, sun protection and a big bag for cherished memories is all you will need when you
escape to The Villas.

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