Local Temperature : 89 °F / 32 °C

Onsite Activities

Activities are a plenty at the resort itself. Encounter exotic birds while you go on bird watching or know a little bit about your future through palm reading. You can take a long walk or bike through the resort and check out it’s natural surroundings.

Bird Watching

Surrender to the harmonious balance of nature as you spot exotic birds, elegantly perched on lush branches. Keep wandering along the pathways and encounter more species. Offering a rare opportunity to capture a haven of birdlife, Amaya Lake hails as one of the few bird friendly resorts in Sri Lanka, recognized by the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL).

Palm Reading

Palm reading is the art of foretelling the future through the study of the palm of a hand. With origins in India, China and Rome, palm reading analyses a person's future by reading the intricate lines on a person's hand. Each line represents a special characteristic such as romantic prospects, marriage life, career success, intellectualism and major life changes.


Spend your evening lounging at the bar and listening to soothing melodies of the flute player, seated inside a quaint tree-house. Contemplate these poetic moment as you lie back on a reclining chair with a tropical cocktail in hand. The pacifying sounds of the flute enhances the alluring ambiance of the open-air bar, creating the perfect atmosphere just as dusk begins to settle

Leisure Activities

Set out to explore the forested grounds by bike. Watch the sun set over the lake as you jog along the shaded pathways. Enjoy a thrilling day of outdoor games. Through it all, bask in the warm embrace of this cherished hotel, abound with opportunities, year-round sunshine and full-time recreation staff.

Unforgettable Events

Let the shimmering lake and rustling trees set the ambiance for your event. At Amaya Lake, every event is a time of joy and celebration. Revel in the romantic atmosphere at the well-lit pool side as you sit back and watch traditional dancers usher in nightfall to the sounds of Sri Lanka music. Find yourself in awe as the dancers expertly swirl fiery batons in the air, igniting the atmosphere with traditional music.


Practice your power stroke at our well-maintained tennis court, designed to offer fun-filled moments for guests.
Enjoy complimentary use of our tennis court and racquets. Play a game or two before lunch. After, plunge into the refreshing waters of the swimming pool just when the afternoon heat takes over.