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Awaken your inner spirit and revel in the restorative power of nature. Nestled in a secluded open-air courtyard, our ayurvedic spa is gracefully designed to present a serene, soothing ambiance to relax your body, revitalize your mind and renew your spirit.

Facial Treatments

Discover a renewed sense of balance with our facial treatments, designed to nourish and enhance your complexion.

Body Treatments

From herbal baths to massages, choose from a range of treatments and rejuvenate your body.


Attain physical harmony with our extensive selection of traditional massages, using a blend of herbally-infused oils to melt away tension.

Wellness Offerings

Take a spiritual journey through the power of yoga and heal your body, mind and soul holistically.

Signature Treatments

Choose From A Range Of Treatments, Designed To Restore Your Body's Optimal Balance. Let The Soothing Sounds Of Nature And The Seductive Aroma Of Tropical Foliage Heighten The Relaxation.

All Inclusive Spa Immersions

Guests may utilize a single treatment for relaxation and health promotion or indulge in 7days, 10 days, 14 days or 21 days treatment which is designed according to the body constituent, the doshic state etc.

Treatment Packages

Let your worldly cares slip away as you drift into a state of deep relaxation at the hands of an expert masseuse.