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Body Treatments

Herbal Oil Body Massage, Steam & Bath

Combining the purifying properties of a herbal massage, steam and bath, this treatment renews your spirit and invigorates your senses. The steam bath increases sweat gland secretions and regularizes blood circulation in the body, while the herbal massage uses essential oils to relieve aches and pains in the muscles.

90 Minutes
LKR 6000

Herbal Oil Body Massage, Steam Treatment & Bath

Immersing yourself in the therapeutic properties of natural herbs is the perfect way to unwind during your vacation. Using fragrant herbs plucked from the resort's garden, this treatment is ideal for those wanting utter relaxation. This treatment is commonly used to reduce fats in the body and relieve joint pains.

60 Minutes
LKR 4500


Feel expert hands knead your body as you lie on the spa bed immersed in a world of your own. The herbal oil full body massage is designed for those suffering from joint pains and muscle tension. This relaxing massage rejuvenates your body, while helping you achieve inner calm. The deep pressure strokes, coupled with essential oils creates an intensive treatment to soothe away your stress and ease any stiffness in your muscles.

45 Minutes
LKR 4500

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